Steve Saussey

Writer, Director
"Industry legend and all round funny guy."
Tip Top ‘Supersoft’
2 Degrees 'Broadband'
Turners 'Stolen Car'
Warehouse Stationery 'Ranger'
L&P 'Nothing Much'
Budget Direct 'Just when we cleaned up last year's celebrations'

There’s definitely something funny about Steve Saussey. One of the most well known and in-demand commercial directors in Australasia, he’s been perfecting the craft of bringing humour to the screen for longer than he cares to reveal.

Steve is a specialist in comedy performance with an emphasis on character. From the wry, subtle and awkward, to the utterly ridiculous, Steve will find a way to make a funny script funnier, whilst still preserving the idea in the clearest possible way.

His unique insight into the creative process is a result of his years as a multi award-winning advertising copywriter, while his eye for production design and composition comes from his training at Elam School of Fine Arts, and his time as a graphic designer and illustrator.

Steve has worked for all the major agencies in Australia and New Zealand on brand campaigns across many categories with more than 250 commercials to date for the New Zealand, Australian, American and Asian markets. He also has an impressive TV resume, including Open Slather, Box Dog, Amazing Extraordinary Friends and Let’s Get Inventin’ to name a few.