Miki Magasiva

Writer, Director
"Finds the comedy in truth and the truth in comedy."
Countdown 'Onecard'
KFC 'Summer'
Countdown 'Christmas'
TAB 'FIFA World Cup'
YouTube 'Human Stories'
Up & Go 'Leg Day'

Known for his ability to breathe life into words on a page, this big hearted Samoan is a talented all-rounder. From performance to sweeping vistas, food, kids, celebrities, animals, stunts and hidden cameras, Miki does it all and loves it all.

With a talent for finding the comedy in truth, Miki possesses an innate sense of pace and timing. He has a strong sense of empathy and a natural way with people. He uses idiosyncratic character details to craft rich, textured visual narratives.

Visual storytelling is in Miki’s blood. The Samoan tradition is to tell stories through performance and word-of-mouth rather than the written word. Born in Savaii, Western Samoa, his parents moved to New Zealand in search of a better life for their family.

The third of five boys, Miki hails from a long line of performers, artists and storytellers. His thespian background gives him a unique insight into the actors’ craft, enabling him to derive effortless performances from actors and non actors.

After graduating from Film and Television school in Wellington, Miki moved to London and threw himself into the vibrant UK market. He returned home to New Zealand and quickly established himself as the hottest new commercial director in New Zealand. He eminently enjoying great success across the ditch in Australia.

Over the years Miki has directed high-end campaigns for countless clients and has won multiple industry awards, establishing a reputation for himself along the way as one of the nicest guys in advertising.