Jay Topping

Director, DOP, Editor
"Sharp minded, detail focused and VFX savvy."
Eclipse Mints 'Let There Be Fresh' Directors Cut
XXXX "State of Origin'
Jimmy Brings 'Directors Cut'
Google 'Morning'
Air New Zealand 'Ski'

Jay Topping is one to watch. An agile storyteller and cinematographer known for thinking fast on his feet, Jay creates beautiful imagery via his love affair with the lens and his deft understanding of visual effects. He has a passion for developing characters and a talent for deriving subtle and authentic dialogue-driven performances.

Jay’s been on a steep career trajectory since he joined Eight in 2017, shooting campaigns for numerous blue chip brands including Ebay, Google, CBA, Air NZ and Colgate. Jay will go to any length to get the shot, from spending days in steaming hot underground mines to fighting off giant mosquitoes in Papua New Guinea, being suspended out of planes to porpoising off the front of speed boats.

Jay graduated from Griffith Film School in Brisbane before being snapped up by Cutting Edge where he worked as an offline editor. He quickly moved into shooting and directing TVC’s locally and overseas.

The experience gained from filming live action and VFX TVC’s allowed Topping to become hugely versatile in his shooting and directing style, instinctively knowing the best way to achieve the shot.

Eventually relocating to Sydney because they have better Ramen noodles, Jay began working at one of Australia’s top creative agencies The Monkeys as their in-house Director/DOP, which gave him the opportunity to work closely with some of the biggest names on the Sydney creative scene.

With multiple ACS awards already under his belt, Jay is a versatile and savvy young director. He has a wicked sense of humour and a self assured calmness that can be strangely unnerving (but not in a serial killer kind of way).