Courtney Brookes

Director, Writer, Stylist
Visual Narrative, Beauty, Production Styling, Music
Lime Cordiale | Reality Check Please
Montaigne 'Technicolour'
Kita Alexander | IMYIS
Irrational | ERTHLINGS

Courtney Brookes (AKA Bourtney Crookes) is a fresh new voice in the commercial industry. Hailing from the world of fashion and music videos, Courtney translates her love for high fashion styling, striking sets, and cohesive colour palettes into everything she makes. She is bright, bold, and unapologetic.

After a long stint in New York, Courtney returns to the local market with many new skills besides squeezing herself onto the subway and recommending the best bodega sandwich (chopped cheese). Courtney’s work is people-centric. It explores the weird, nuanced and downright gorgeous.

After studying Visual Communication at UTS, Courtney applied her graphically trained eye to the moving image by creating nostalgic and often dreamy visuals with modern and satirical undertones.

She doesn’t confine herself to the director’s chair and loves to get involved with her female-powered crews to ensure the process is just as beautiful as the outcome.

In the post department, Courtney knows her way around an edit. Spending years as a dedicated beauty editor and creative director, she has crafted campaigns for Maybelline, Kerastase, and Kaja and can reformat any video for the different social channels in a blink.

During her short career, Courtney has built a portfolio of work beyond her years, curating an international network of clients including L’Oreal Paris, Warner Music, Ultra, and EMI.

In addition to her commercial and music video work, Courtney has a semi- autobiographical drama series in development about a teen-aged diamond ring seller navigating the pitfalls of society.