Charlotte Evans

Director, Editor, Writer
"Pushes conventional storytelling boundaries with compelling, visually striking images”.
New Zealand Tourism ‘Have You Ever?’
AIA 'Great Starts with Small'
Auckland City Mission
Kimbra 'Daffodils Movie'
Marlon Williams 'Beautiful Dress'
Ok Chloë

Charlotte Evans is a gifted storyteller. She is drawn to people with interesting life stories and those who challenge today’s societal conventions. Her work often embraces surrealism and, coming from a music video background, she has the credence to push conventional storytelling boundaries in a visually striking and compelling way. Having worked as an editor for 14 years, storytelling is ingrained within her. This coupled with a strong visual style helps her craft stories that are poetic and emotionally driven.

Charlotte began her filmmaking career in London in 2008, training as an editor under the renowned British film editor, Rick Waller. Like most young directors, she cut her teeth on music videos and quickly fell in love with being a part of early ideation rather than coming on board towards the end.

Charlotte has directed numerous music videos for artists including Kimbra, Aldous Harding, Benee, The DMA’s and Marlon Williams. In 2018 Charlotte directed an NZOA funded film that commemorated 125 years of suffrage in New Zealand. This project received an Honoree Webby Award, Silver at the NZCINE awards, Silver at Best Design Awards and Won Best Costume Design at NZTV awards. Charlotte's work has been featured at multiple festivals around the world including Short Of The Week, Show Me Shorts, Clipped, Cinequest and Inside Out Festival.

In 2020, Charlotte's short film OK Chlöe was selected by The Guardian and made a The New Yorker original documentary as well as playing at multiple international festivals. Following on from the success of her short, Charlotte is currently in production on a feature-length documentary called Being Chlöe, which follows Chlöe Swarbrick for the next parliamentary term. This film has received Early Development funding from NZFC as well as a presale offer from a local network. The film will feature at AIDC alongside six other films in their Central Showcase 2022.