Anita Lee

Writer, Director, Designer, Visual Artist
"Stylised story worlds and visually poetic imagery"
Qantas 'Feels like Home'
SBS 'Without Our Differences'
Rainbow Chan 'Heavy'
Vicinity Centres ‘Undeniably QP’
The Great Ship

Anita Lee is a true artist. She has a passion for humans, the way we move and the way we relate. Before graduating from AFTRS in directing, Anita studied art and design at the College of Fine Arts, which instilled in her a love for stylised story worlds and visually poetic imagery.

Anita is known for her emotive approach to storytelling, which draws upon nuanced and authentic performances. Her approach is deeply collaborative- she believes firmly that the relationships she fosters with talent, crew and clients along the way are just as important as the work itself.

Anita’s debut short film Only One, funded by Screen NSW and Metro Screen, screened at the Palm Springs International Shortfest, Rhode Island Film Festival, St Louis Film Festival and Miami Short Film Festival. Her second short film Here is Now, which she both wrote and directed, premiered at the For Film’s Sake Festival (Australia).

Anita has directed campaigns for brands including Myer, Uniqlo, Qantas, Travelodge Hotels, CGU Insurance, Dulux, TAL Insurance, Macquarie University and SBS and is a welcome asset to Eights’ diverse directing team.